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Engineering and Design

We offer a diverse range of engineering disciplines including electrical, mechanical, structural and civil. We pride ourselves on providing high quality engineering of biogas and compost facilities.

Aerated Static Pile Composting

Aerated static piles offer process control for rapid biodegradation and work well for facilities processing wet materials and large volumes of feedstocks.

The aeration system uses fans to push and/or pull air through the composting mass. Rigid or flexible perforated piping connected to fans delivers the air. The pipes can be installed in channels, on top of a floor, or included throughout the pile during buildup.

Advantages of this composting method include the ability to maintain the proper moisture and oxygen levels for the microbial populations to operate at peak efficiency to reduce pathogens while preventing excess heat, which can crash the system. Aerated systems also facilitate the use of biofilters to treat processed air to remove particulates and mitigate odors prior to venting. However, aerated systems can dry out quickly and must be monitored closely to maintain desired moisture levels.

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