Biofuels are not the only solution for California’s GHG targets, but they are a critical pathway to reduce GHG emissions from the transportation sector.¬†As both ARB and the California Energy Commission (CEC) have recognized, transportation fuels from organic waste are the lowest carbon fuels in existence, not just significantly lower carbon than other liquid or gaseous fuels, but lower carbon per mile than other liquid or gaseous fuels and electric or fuel cell vehicles. Although organic waste based fuels can only provide 10 to 15 percent of California’s transportation fuels, the GHG reductions from those fuels would be several times greater than that.

Renewable gas can also provide a renewable source of hydrogen for use in hydrogen fuel cells, either for electricity production or as a transportation fuel. When renewable gas is used to displace diesel, it can significantly reduce toxic air contaminants, particulate mater and other air pollutants.

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